Get Calico up and running in your Kubernetes cluster.

Install Calico on a single-host Kubernetes cluster for testing or development in under 15 minutes.

Enable Calico on EKS, GKE, AKS, or IKS.

Manage your own Kubernetes clusters in AWS, GCE, or Azure public clouds.

Install Calico for on-premises deployments to provide networking and network policy, in either overlay or non-overlay networking modes.

Install Calico on OpenShift for networking and network policy.

Use Calico network policy on top of flannel networking.

Get Calico up and running in your K3s cluster.

Up for the challenge? Calico the hard way takes you under the covers of an end-to-end Calico installation.

Review requirements before installing Calico to ensure success.

Try out the eBPF dataplane tech preview.