Up for the challenge? Calico the hard way takes you under the covers of an end-to-end Calico installation.


A tutorial for installing Calico the hard way.

Stand up Kubernetes

Get a Kubernetes cluster up and running.

The Calico datastore

The central datastore for your clusters' operational and configuration state.

Configure IP pools

Quick review of defining IP pools (IP address ranges) in clusters.

Install CNI plugin

Steps to install the Calico Container Network Interface (CNI)

Install Typha

Learn about Typha for scaling deployment.

Install calico/node

Configure and install calico/node as a daemon set.

Configure BGP peering

Quick review of BGP peering options.

Test networking

Test that networking works correctly.

Test network policy

Verify that network policy works correctly.

End user RBAC

Quick review of common roles and access controls for running clusters in production.

Istio integration

Enforce Calico network policy for Istio service mesh applications.