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Install an OpenShift v4 cluster with Calico.


Augments the applicable steps in the OpenShift documentation to install Calico.

How to

Before you begin

Create a configuration file for the OpenShift installer

First, create a staging directory for the installation. This directory will contain the configuration file, along with cluster state files, that OpenShift installer will create:

mkdir openshift-tigera-install && cd openshift-tigera-install

Now run OpenShift installer to create a default configuration file:

openshift-install create install-config

Note: Refer to the OpenShift installer documentation found on for more information about the installer and any configuration changes required for your platform.

Once the installer has finished, your staging directory will contain the configuration file install-config.yaml.

Update the configuration file to use Calico

Override the OpenShift networking to use Calico and update the AWS instance types to meet the system requirements:

sed -i 's/OpenShiftSDN/Calico/' install-config.yaml

Generate the install manifests

Now generate the Kubernetes manifests using your configuration file:

openshift-install create manifests

Download the Calico manifests for OpenShift and add them to the generated manifests directory:

curl -o manifests/01-crd-installation.yaml
curl -o manifests/01-crd-tigerastatus.yaml
curl -o manifests/00-namespace-tigera-operator.yaml
curl -o manifests/02-rolebinding-tigera-operator.yaml
curl -o manifests/02-role-tigera-operator.yaml
curl -o manifests/02-serviceaccount-tigera-operator.yaml
curl -o manifests/02-tigera-operator.yaml
curl -o manifests/01-cr-installation.yaml

Create the cluster

Start the cluster creation with the following command and wait for it to complete.

openshift-install create cluster

Once the above command is complete, you can verify Calico is installed by verifying the components are available with the following command.

oc get tigerastatus

Note: To get more information, add -o yaml to the above command.

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