IP address management

Calico IPAM is flexible and efficient. Learn how to interoperate with legacy firewalls using IP address ranges, advertise Kubernetes service IPs, and more.

Get started with IP address management

Configure Calico to use Calico IPAM or host-local IPAM, and when to use one or the other.

Configure IP autodetection

Calico IP autodetection ensures the correct IP address is used for routing. Learn how to customize it.

Enable dual stack

Configure Kubernetes pods to get both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Enable IPv6

Enable IPv6 support for workloads on Kubernetes and OpenStack.

Advertise Kubernetes service IP addresses

Configure Calico to advertise Kubernetes service cluster IPs and external IPs outside the cluster using BGP.

Add a floating IP to a pod

Configure one or more floating IPs to use as additional IP addresses for reaching a Kubernetes pod.

Use specific IP address for a pod

Specify the IP address for a pod instead of allowing Calico to automatically choose one.

Assign IP addresses based on topology

Configure Calico to use specific IP pools for different topologies including zone, rack, or region.

Migrate from one IP pool to another

Migrate pods from one IP pool to another on a running cluster without network disruption.

Interoperate with legacy firewalls using IP ranges

Restrict the IP address chosen for a pod to a specific range of IP addresses