APIs, CLI, architecture and design, and FAQ.

Installation API reference

Command line interface (CLI) to manage Calico resources.

APIs for all Calico networking and network policy resources.

Tasks for protecting your etcd datastore.

Customize calico/node using environment variables.

Felix is a Calico component that runs on every machine that provides endpoints.

Typha is the component for scaling Kubernetes deployments.

Details on configuring Dikastes used in application layer policy.

Details for configuring the Calico CNI plugins.

Calico Kubernetes controllers monitor the Kubernetes API and perform actions based on cluster state.

Tips for configuring Calico in your public cloud provider.

Protect host endpoints with Calico network policy.

Understand Calico components, network design, and the data path between workloads.

Common questions that users ask about Calico.

Contribute to Calico open source project.

Third-party attributions.