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The following table shows component versioning for Calico v3.12.

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Release archive with Kubernetes manifests, Docker images and binaries.

27 Jan 2020

OpenShift v4.2 support with operator

Calico now supports the latest major release of OpenShift! Included in this Calico release is an operator that installs and manages your Calico cluster on OpenShift. For more information, see the OpenShift v4 installation guide.

IPv6 service advertisement

If you are running an IPv6 or dual-stack cluster, Calico now supports advertising IPv6 service clusterIPs over BGP in addition to IPv4 service IPs! To advertise your IPv6 services, simply add the IPv6 clusterIP cidrs of your workloads to your default BGPConfiguration. For more information, see the documentation for advertising service IPs.

  • Add IPv6 service advertisement support. confd #310 (@neiljerram)

Autodetection of iptables backend

Previous versions of Calico required you to specify the host’s iptables backend (one of NFT or Legacy). With this release, Calico can now autodetect the iptables variant on the host. This is useful in scenarios where you don’t know what the iptables backend might be such as in mixed deployments.

  • Added autodetection capability of iptables backend. felix #2194 (@tmjd)

Rule metadata

Calico now supports custom metadata attached to policy rules that allows you to aggregate packet and byte statistics by that metadata. These rules annotations are rendered as comments on the iptables rules corresponding to the policy rules, allowing you to use iptables-save -c to gather metrics. See the global network policy or network policy documentation for more information.

  • Rule metadata annotations are written to iptables comments. felix #2209 (@spikecurtis)

Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug when checking the containerID during an IPAM upgrade from host-local to calico-ipam. cni-plugin #824 (@sreis)
  • Fail fast & retry setting NetworkUnavailable to false. node #387 (@spikecurtis)
  • Wait for successful connect to datastore before configuring kubelet with CNI plugin. cni-plugin #819 (@spikecurtis)
  • Fix Typha connnections limit to account for confd. typha #387 (@rafaelvanoni)
  • Add nsswitch.conf to Typha for correct resolution of localhost. typha #343 (@caseydavenport)
  • Update version of etcd client to fix failover for secure endpoints. libcalico-go #1184 (@caseydavenport)

Other changes

  • Support for SCTP ports. felix #2192 (@spikecurtis)
  • Update Application Layer Policy install instructions to work with Istio 1.4. calico #3082 (@spikecurtis)
  • Use iptables for IPv4 RPF check instead of sysctls. felix #2189 (@lmm)
  • Add label for exact match on namespace and serviceaccount names. libcalico-go #1191 (@caseydavenport)
  • Application Layer Policy supports Istio in permissive mode. app-policy #131 (@gianlucam76)
  • The “” label was deprecated and is replaced by “”. calico #3064 (@hackman)
  • Use label selector instead of deprecated label. calico #3095 (@JonathanWilbur)
  • Add MTU configuration option to Canal config map. calico #3062 (@plnordquist)
Component Version
calico/typha v3.12.0
calico/ctl v3.12.0
calico/node v3.12.0
calico/cni v3.12.0
calico/kube-controllers v3.12.0
networking-calico 3.12.0 v0.11.0
calico/dikastes v3.12.0
calico/pod2daemon-flexvol v3.12.0
calico/flannel-migration-controller v3.12.0