Calico Networking for Mesos

Calico introduces ip-per-container & fine-grained security policies to Mesos, while maintaining speed and scalability and rendering port-forwarding obsolete.

Mesos supports several different Networking API’s depending on which Containerizer is being used. Calico provides compatible plugins for each. Below, we list guides for each:

  1. Quickstart scripts to launch a demo Mesos cluster pre-configured with Calico.
  2. Manual instructions on adding Calico to a standard Mesos Cluster.
  3. Usage guide detailing how to launch applications networked with Calico for the described networking interface.

a.) Docker Containerizer

Tasks launched in Mesos using the Docker Containerizer (i.e. Docker Engine) are networked by Calico’s Docker-Libnetwork plugin. Once installed on each Mesos Agent, operators can create Docker networks up-front, then launch Docker tasks on them.

b.) Unified Containerizer with CNI

Mesos v1.0.0 has introduced first-class support of the Container Network Interface (CNI) for the Unified Containerizer.

Calico for DC/OS

Calico maintains a Framework for DC/OS which serves as an installer to quickly add Calico to Mesos. Calico’s DC/OS package installs and configures everything you need to use Calico with the Docker Containerizer and the Unified Containerizer (using CNI). See the Calico for DC/OS 1.8 Install Guide for more information.