Install for Kubeadm

This document describes a single manifest for installing Calico on kubeadm managed Kubernetes clusters. It is a specific case of the more general self-hosted install found here

This install is designed to work for kubeadm clusters, or any cluster which labels a single master node with master. This label is used for deploying a single node etcd cluster.

  • calico.yaml: Contains all the Calico components, as well as Kubernetes objects to deploy a single node etcd cluster.

Then use kubectl to create the manifest below using kubectl:

kubectl create -f calico.yaml

You can download the addon manfiest here


This manifest deploys the standard Calico components described here as well as a dedicated Calico etcd node on the Kubernetes master. Note that in a production cluster, it is recommended you use a secure, replicated etcd cluster.

Requirements / Limitations

  • This install does not configure etcd TLS
  • This install expects that your Kubernetes master node has been labeled with master