calicoctl user reference

The command line tool, calicoctl, makes it easy to manage Calico network and security policy.

It can be downloaded from the releases page of the calicoctl repository.

Alternatively, you can run it as a docker container if you want to - the image is calico/ctl on Dockerhub and Quay but note that due to limitations imposed by running in a container, this will not have the full functionality of the binary running directly on the host (notably the calicoctl node ... commands do not work in a container).

Follow the setup in the Configuring calicoctl section. This section describes how to do the initial setup of calicoctl, configuring the connection information for your Calico datastore.

The calicoctl command line interface provides a number of resource management commands to allow you to create, modify, delete and view the different Calico resources.

The full list of commands is described in the Command Reference section.

The full list of resources that can be managed, including a description of each, is described in the Resource Definitions section.