The following information details basic prerequisites that must be met in order for Calico to function properly with Docker.

Host IP Connectivity

As with all Calico clusters, all hosts should have IP connectivity between them.


You will also need an etcd cluster accessible from each host which Calico uses for coordinating state between the nodes. See the etcd documentation for details on setting up a cluster.

Docker with Multi-host Networking

Each server should have Docker 1.9 or greater installed. Follow the instructions for installing Docker.

To use Calico as a Docker network plugin, the Docker daemon must be configured with a cluster store. If using etcd as a cluster store, configure the cluster-store on the Docker daemon to etcd://<ETCD_IP>:<ETCD_PORT>, replacing <ETCD IP> and with the appropriate address and client port for your etcd cluster.

For Docker 1.10+, you can use the daemon configuration file, or for 1.9 see the appropriate ‘Configuring Docker’ section in configuring docker.

Next Steps

With etcd running and Docker configured, you are ready to install Calico.