Juju Install

You can use Ubuntu’s Juju Charms to quickly deploy a Calico/OpenStack cluster. All you need to do is download one of our bundles, then deploy it to your Juju environment using any of the standard methods. This will get you a simple OpenStack deployment with two compute nodes, which you can then easily scale out by adding more instances of the nova-compute charm.


For Calico with Mitaka: https://jujucharms.com/u/project-calico/calico-mitaka-juju2

For Calico with Liberty and earlier we don’t have bundles published in the charm store, but you can generate a bundle from our repo at https://github.com/projectcalico/bundle-openstack-calico. In particular please see https://github.com/projectcalico/bundle-openstack-calico/blob/master/icehouse-kilo-liberty/README.rst.

The default admin password for these deployments is “openstack” - you may wish to update this in the bundle (search for the keystone “admin-password” option).

For more detailed information, please see this blog post on the Calico blog.