The following table shows component versioning for Calico v2.3.

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12 June 2017

Changes / New Features

  • Various improvements which reduce Felix CPU usage.
  • Introduces the Calico fanout agent, Typha, for better performance when using the Kubernetes datastore driver.
  • Calico now implements the API semantics as defined by Kubernetes when using the Kubernetes datastore driver.
    • Note: This represents a change in how existing Kubernetes NetworkPolicies are enforced by Calico. To maintain existing behavior when upgrading, follow these steps: - In Namespaces that previously did not have the “DefaultDeny” annotation, you should delete any existing NetworkPolicy objects. - In Namespaces that previously did have the “DefaultDeny” annotation, you can create the equivalent semantics by creating a NetworkPolicy that selects all pods but does not allow any traffic.
    • Note: Calico with etcd continutes to implement the extensions/v1beta1 NetworkPolicy API semantics - this change has no effect on etcd based Calico deployments.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Kubernetes datastore driver would resync with the Kubernetes API more frequently than necessary.
Component Version
felix 2.3.0
typha v0.2.2
calicoctl v1.3.0
calico/node v1.3.0
calico/cni v1.9.1
calico-bird v0.3.1
calico-bgp-daemon v0.2.1
libnetwork-plugin v1.1.0
calico/kube-policy-controller v0.6.0
networking-calico 1.4.2