calicoctl version

This sections describes the calicoctl version command.

Read the calicoctl Overview for a full list of calicoctl commands.

Displaying the help text for ‘calicoctl version’ commands

Run calicoctl version --help to display the following help menu for the commands.

  calicoctl version [--config=<CONFIG>]

  -h --help             Show this screen.
  -c --config=<CONFIG>  Path to the file containing connection configuration in
                        YAML or JSON format.
                        [default: /etc/calico/calicoctl.cfg]

  Display the version of calicoctl.


$ calicoctl version
Client Version:    v1.4.0
Build date:        2017-07-21T19:33:04+0000
Git commit:        d2babb6
Cluster Version:   v2.4.0
Cluster Type:      KDD,hosted

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