Host Endpoint Resource (hostEndpoint)

A Host Endpoint resource (hostEndpoint) represents an interface attached to a host that is running Calico.

Each host endpoint may include a set of labels and list of profiles that Calico will use to apply policy to the interface. If no profiles or labels are applied, Calico will not apply any policy.

For calicoctl commands that specify a resource type on the CLI, the following aliases are supported (all case insensitive): hostendpoint, hostendpoints, hep, heps.

Sample YAML

apiVersion: v1
kind: hostEndpoint
  name: eth0
  node: myhost
    type: production
  interfaceName: eth0
  - profile1
  - profile2

HostEndpoint Definition


Field Description Accepted Values Schema
name The name of this hostEndpoint.   string
node The name of the node where this hostEndpoint resides.   string
labels A set of labels to apply to this endpoint.   map


Field Description Accepted Values Schema Default
interfaceName The name of the interface on which to apply policy.   string  
expectedIPs The expected IP addresses associated with the interface. Valid IPv4 or IPv6 address list  
profiles The list of profiles to apply to the endpoint.   list  

Supported operations

Datastore type Create/Delete Update Get/List Notes
etcdv2 Yes Yes Yes  
Kubernetes API server No No No