Calico Repositories

The following information details which artifacts are built from which repositories.

Core Components


Artifact Type Description
felix Binary Felix interfaces with the Linux kernel to configure routes and ACLs that control network policy and connectivity.


Artifact Type Description
calico/node Docker Image The Docker image used to run Felix and the BIRD BGP agent (for distributing routes between hosts). See calico/node reference for details.
calicoctl Binary The command line tool for interacting with the Calico API. See calicoctl reference for more info.



Artifact Type Description
libcalico pypi library Contains a variety of helper methods and classes for manipulating the Calico data in an etcd datastore, IP address management and useful namespace utilities to manipulating container interfaces.
calico/test Docker Image Contains useful shared testing framework code and dependencies for running unit and system tests of Calico in Docker.
calico/build Docker Image Build image which includes libcalico and the necessary python tooling to produce binaries from python source code.


Artifact Type Description
libcalico-go golang library Contains a variety of helper methods and classes for interacting with the Calico API.

Orchestrator Plugins

There are several integrations available for Calico in a containerized environment. The repositories below hold the plugin code for these integrations.


Artifact Type Description
calico binary Calico networking plugin for any orchestrator that uses the Container Network Interface, e.g. rkt, Kubernetes, and Mesos.
calico-ipam binary Calico CNI IP address management plugin.


Artifact Type Description
libnetwork-plugin binary Docker networking plugin for use with Docker and Docker Swarm. It provides both network and IPAM drivers which may be used when creating networks through Docker.


Artifact Type Description
calico/kube-policy-controller Docker Image Implements the Kubernetes Network Policy API.