Calico System Requirements

Depending on the Calico functionality you are using, there are some requirements your system needs to meet in order for Calico to work properly. calico/node container image ships with the following ip6tables, ipset, iputils, iproute2, conntrack-tools.

Minumum Linux kernel versions

IPv4 only: 2.6.32

IPv6: 3.10

Requirements for Calico Policy:


iproute2 is a collection of utilities for controlling TCP/IP networking and traffic control in Linux.

Shared libraries dependencies:

  • glibc
  • libelf


The iputils package is set of small useful utilities for Linux networking.

Shared libraries dependencies:

  • libcap
  • libidn
  • openssl
  • sysfsutils


The conntrack-tools are a set of tools to manage the in-kernel connection tracking state table from userspace.

Minimum required version: 1.4.1

Kernel dependencies:

  • nf_conntrack_netlink subsystem
    • nf_conntrack
    • nfnetlink

Shared libraries dependencies:

  • libnetfilter_conntrack
  • libnfnetlink
  • libmnl
  • libnetfilter_cttimeout

This is included in kernel version 2.6.18 and above.

iptables / ip6tables

iptables is a command line utility for configuring Linux kernel firewall implemented within the Netfilter project.

Minimum required version: 1.4.7

Kernel dependencies:

  • ip_tables (for IPv4)
    • x_tables
  • ip6_tables (for IPv6)
    • x_tables

Shared libraries dependencies:

  • glibc
  • libnftnl
  • libpcap

x_tables has the shared code used by iptables modules. This is included in kernel version 2.4 and above.


ipset is used to set up, maintain and inspect so called IP sets in the Linux kernel.

Minimum required version: 6.11

Kernel modules dependencies:

  • ip_set
    • nfnetlink

iptables match features


  • x_tables

xt_addrtype (ipt_addrtype, ip6t_addrtype)

  • x_tables


  • x_tables

Other required kernel features

xt_set: Kernel module which implements the set match and SET target for netfilter/iptables.

  • ip_set
  • x_tables

ipt_set: Kernel module to match an IP set.

  • x_tables
  • ip_set

ipt_rpfilter: Kernel module to match RPF.

ipt_REJECT: Kernel module to reject packets.

Requirements for Calico Networking:

IP-in-IP Tunneling

IP tunnel driver to provide an IP tunnel through which you can tunnel network traffic transparently across subnets.

  • ipip
    • ip_tunnel
    • tunnel4