Vagrant Deployed Mesos Cluster with Calico

This guide will show you how to use Vagrant to launch a Mesos Cluster with Calico installed and ready to network Docker Containerizer tasks.

1. Install Dependencies

This guide requires a host machine with:

  • VirtualBox to host the virtual machines.
  • Vagrant to install and configure the machines in Virtual Box.
  • curl

1.2 Download the source files

mkdir demo; cd demo
curl -O
curl -O
curl -O
curl -O

3. Startup

vagrant up

This starts a two node cluster with the cluster layout described below.

Access the Mesos and Marathon services at the following URLs:

Service URL
Mesos-Master UI
Marathon UI

Cluster Layout

Machine Type OS Hostname IP Address Services
Master Centos calico-01 mesos-master
        marathon load-balancer
Agents Centos calico-01 mesos-agent
    calico-02 docker

4. SSH

To connect to your Vagrant boxes on OSX / Linux, see Vagrant’s SSH command. For Windows, see

5. Next Steps

With your cluster deployed, you can follow the tutorials on using Calico with Mesos.