Calico with rkt

Calico supports networking and network policy in a pure rkt container environment.

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Installation Guides

Manual Install Guide

This method walks through the necessary manual steps to integrate Calico in a rkt environment. Follow this guide if you’re integrating Calico with your own rkt orchestration environment.

Quick Start Guides

Vagrant with CoreOS Container Linux

This guide uses Vagrant and VirtualBox to locally run a rkt-Calico enabled cluster.


The following tutorials walk through policy configurations for rkt with Calico.

Before following these tutorials, ensure you’ve used the above guides to launch a cluster of nodes with Calico installed.

Basic network isolation

The Basic network isolation tutorial shows how to use a Calico CNI network to secure applications within the same rkt network.


For rkt-specific troubleshooting information, view the rkt troubleshooting guide.