Upgrading Calico for Kubernetes

Upgrading to this release of Calico from a pre-v3.0 release may require some manual steps, depending on your choice of datastore.

Before you begin

  • You must first upgrade to Calico v2.6.5 (or a later v2.6.x release) before you can upgrade to Calico v3.0.12.

    Important: Calico v2.6.5 was a special transitional release that included changes to enable upgrade to v3.0.1+; do not skip this step!

  • If you are using the etcd datastore, you should upgrade etcd to the latest stable v3 release.

    Tip: etcd v3.x still supports the etcd v2 API, as used by Calico v2.6.x. However, Calico v3.0.0+ does not support the etcd v2 API. The upgrade steps below move the data from the etcd v2 API to the etcd v3 API. This requires an etcd v3.x server.

Kubernetes API datastore upgrade steps

If you are using the Kubernetes API datastore, complete the steps in Upgrade Calico.

etcd datastore upgrade steps

If you are using the etcd datastore then a manual migration step is required, using the calico-upgrade tool. To complete the upgrade follow these steps in sequence:

  1. Install and configure calico-upgrade

  2. Test the data migration and check for errors

  3. Migrate Calico data

  4. Upgrade Calico