Sample deployments

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Securing cluster networking with network policies Kubernetes video
Ahmet Balkan, KubeCon 2017 (30:54)


Kubernetes in the Datacenter: Squarespace’s Journey Towards Self-Service Infrastructure Kubernetes video
Kevin Lynch, KubeCon 2017(36:29)

Giant Swarm

How We Run Kubernetes in Kubernetes, aka Kubeception Kubernetes video
Timo Derstappen, KubeCon 2017 (24:57)


Apache Mesos and Security: The Joy of Mesos with Calico Mesos video
Diego Oliveira & Acácio Alves dos Santos, MesosCon 2017 (37:17)


Managing a Multi-Tenanted Kubernetes Cluster in Production Kubernetes video
Josh Bowen, KubeCon 2016 (28:46)

Yahoo! JAPAN

How We Architected and Run Kubernetes on OpenStack at Scale at Yahoo! JAPAN Kubernetes OpenStack blog
Norifumi Matsuya, Hirotaka Ichikawa, Masaharu Miyamoto and Yuta Kinoshita 2016


Kubernetes at GitHub Kubernetes blog
Jesse Newland 2016


OpenShift integrates Project Calico OpenShift blog
Vincent Schwarzer 2017

Thought Machine

Building a Bank on Top of Kubernetes Kubernetes blog
Fabian Siddiqi 2018