BGP Configuration Resource (BGPConfiguration)

A BGP configuration resource (BGPConfiguration) represents BGP specific configuration options for the cluster or a specific node.

For calicoctl commands that specify a resource type on the CLI, the following aliases are supported (all case insensitive): bgpconfiguration, bgpconfig, bgpconfigurations, bgpconfigs.

Sample YAML

kind: BGPConfiguration
  name: default
  logSeverityScreen: Info
  nodeToNodeMeshEnabled: true
  asNumber: 63400

BGP Configuration Definition


Field Description Accepted Values Schema
name Unique name to describe this resource instance. Required. Alphanumeric string with optional ., _, or -. string
  • The resource with the name default has a specific meaning - this contains the BGP global default configuration.
  • The resources with the name node.<nodename> contain the node-specific overrides, and will be applied to the node <nodename>. When deleting a node the FelixConfiguration resource associated with the node will also be deleted.


Field Description Accepted Values Schema Default
logSeverityScreen Global log level Debug, Info, Warning, Error, Fatal string Info
nodeToNodeMeshEnabled Full BGP node-to-node mesh. Only valid on the global default BGPConfiguration. true, false string true
asNumber The default local AS Number that Calico should use when speaking with BGP peers. Only valid on the global default BGPConfiguration; to set a per-node override, use the bgp field on the Node resource. A valid AS Number, may be specified in dotted notation. integer/string 64512

Supported operations

Datastore type Create Delete Delete (Global default) Update Get/List Notes
etcdv3 Yes Yes No Yes Yes  
Kubernetes API server Yes Yes No Yes Yes