Endpoint Labels

When Calico represents an OpenStack VM as a Calico WorkloadEndpoint, it puts labels on the WorkloadEndpoint to identify the project and security groups that the VM belongs to.

For the VM’s OpenStack project (previously known as ‘tenant’), those labels are:

Label Name Value
projectcalico.org/openstack-project-id <the VM's project ID>
projectcalico.org/openstack-project-name <the VM's project name>

For each security group that the VM belongs to, those labels are:

Label Name Value
sg.projectcalico.org/openstack-<security group ID> <security group name>
sg-name.projectcalico.org/openstack-<security group name> <security group ID>

Note: Calico only allows certain characters in label names and values (alphanumerics, ‘-‘, ‘_’, ‘.’ and ‘/’), so if a project or security group name normally has other characters, those will be replaced here by ‘_’. Also there is a length limit, so particularly long names may be truncated.

Note: Calico does not support changing project name or security group name for a given ID associated with a VM after the VM has been created. It is recommended that operators avoid any possible confusion here by not changing project name for a particular project ID or security group name for particular security group ID, post-creation.